IPSE slammed for hypocrisy after making Tier 2 visa abuse an issue shortly after refusing to work with members who lost their jobs under the same abuse

IPSE – the membership body supporting contractors, independent professionals and freelancers, enabling them to succeed in business – has been slammed by past and present members for hypocrisy after it has raised the issue of ICT abuse after refusing to work with as many as 300 members who lost their jobs to ICT abuse last year at the Scottish Government.

One contractor who dealt with a number of IPSE directors was appalled to discover that the IPSE had lost its teeth and its will to fight for members and would rather turn a blind eye to ICT abuse instead of challenge the Government for what he believed was corrupt behaviour.

Alleged Tier 2 visa abuse and ICT abuse is now the subject of a police investigation at the Scottish Government.

The project, now failing the farmers for whom it was intended, has over-run by around £100m and nearly every British worker (of all racial origin) has been replaced with Tier 2 migrants or ICTs.

It has been widely reported that this abuse is directly linked to the highest recorded level of graduate IT unemployment here in the UK, has been linked to the decline of skills both here and in the USA and has led to the British Government wasting some £45billion on failed IT projects in the last parliament.

“The IPSE was once a strong, and respected organisation”, a number of contractors told us, “but it is now just another broken seat on a committee.  The best way to shut up a lobby group is to give it a seat on a committee and that is exactly what has happened to the IPSE.”

“The IPSE no longer works for or supports its members.” another contractor told us, “It is time for another group to be set up and to leave this group in the corridors of history where it belongs.”




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