Dom’s Diary – 08.12.2015 – Good old Blockhead, sounds like he actually believes his own crap

Oh boy!

I was just checking out the Official Report – Topical Question Time – Common Agricultural Policy between counting my money and drinking champagne, and I was thinking Blockhead is good!


He’s gonna need to be.  We haven’t got a hope in hell of living up to his promises, but he’ll keep singing the same song until January and only then, when the payments haven’t been made will he start to admit something is wrong.

The fortunate thing for us, is that these projects are too big for just one minister or civil servant to cancel.  They’re caught like rats in a trap.  They’ve spent so much money that there’s no way they can cancel the project – it would be political and career suicide.  So, they’ll just keep plugging away until they realise that the parrot is not actually sleeping and they can’t hide the fact any more and then they’ll cancel it.

In the meantime, we still keep getting paid.  And when they do cancel it, we’ll move on as a team, to the next Government project.

These civil servants are so predictably weak.  I almost feel sorry for them.

Anyway, enough about work – time for some good old R and R.




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