Economy about to take a turn for the worse?

So the banks are waiting with bated breath to see if the Bank of England is going to make them put more money on one side – just in case the economy isn’t recovering quite as well as we’re being told.

Well here’s a couple of ideas for building a better economy.

1 – don’t screw up the EU subsidies for Scottish farmers, cos it doesn’t help the economy if the farmers can’t do their job or have to borrow whilst waiting for their entitlement

2 – don’t use IT Companies for government projects if they have a track record of failure

3 – perform a full audit of all IT projects that over run, including management, with an option to claw back monies from company and management alike

4 – stop bringing people into the country to do work that local people can do

5 – stop rewarding failure

And when it comes to the CAP system which is a total and utter disaster, then hold a full Public Inquiry and name names!

UK banks await turn of credit screw by Bank of England – Reuters


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