Delivery Director of failing CAP System awarded multi-million 10 year contract with Scottish Government?

You couldn’t make it up!

The CAP System is on the verge of collapse. The Scottish farmers are going to get paid several months late if at all. The whole system is £100m over budget and still not working. The project is the subject of an investigation by the Economic Crime Unit. The Public Audit Committee is weighing up a round table to which they would summon senior IT personnel after the failure of both the CAP system and the new NHS system.

… and rumour has it, the Delivery Director of this embarrassing and disastrous CAP project has just been awarded a 10yr contract with the Scottish Government that is worth millions.

So, if there is any truth to that rumour then the questions on everybody’s lips must surely be:

  • How on Earth does that make any sense?
  • Which idiot agreed to that?
  • Why is nobody asking questions?
  • Why isn’t he 100% committed to getting the CAP system working instead of dividing his time over multiple projects?
  • When are the farmers going to get their money?
  • Where has all the CAP money gone?


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