Some words in support of the RPID staff who “would be the end user of this failed [CAPs Payment] System”

We received several emails over the weekend from a wide section of the community in response to our post about the management jumping ship and the blame game.  Many of the emails had nothing but praise for the RPID staff who have been tasked with using and making the CAP system work

Some choice quotes from the emails we received include the following…

interesting latest article but you fail to make the distinction between those senior managers who went out of their way to actively do nothing, and those in RPID who tried to make a difference but have been consistently ignored, sidelined, undermined, etc.

Some of the (less senior) RPID members of staff, who would be the end user of this failed system, have tried to get changes made that would help things, have tried to get involved to make things compliant with EC legislation, but their input  has not been welcomed. They’ve  tried against the odds to make it work.

Keep up the good work, always interesting to follow your posts, but please remember some staff and management do care.


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