Did the failures of the Economic Crime Unit cost the public purse over £100m?

When the Economic Crime Unit received whistleblower reports and then independent testimony to support claims that senior managers on the failing SAF CAPs payment system were believed to be deliberately sabotaging the largest ever IT project in Scottish history – reports are that they left it on the shelf to gather dust!

Nearly 20% of the workforce on the project came forward to offer testimony and yet still the ECU has got no further forward and the whole investigation continues to gather dust.

Workers who had the courage to come forward are now taking their complaints to the Independent Police Complaints Commission and their MPs as it becomes increasingly apparent that the failure of the ECU to act could have led to the waste of a further £100m of public money.

The complaints that were made to the ECU include their belief that they had witnessed:

– deliberate sabotage of a publicly funded project by senior managers for their own personal financial benefit 

– misconduct in public office and corporate racial discrimination as British workers and some EU were let go or refused work on a massive scale and replaced with Tier 2 and ICT migrant workers

– financial misconduct as it became apparent that senior managers positioned to hire and fire were sacking British and EU workers and bringing in economic migrants through their own agencies so that they got a cut of daily workers pay and a share in the profits

– misleading Government and the EU in order to ensure financial milestone payments when the project had clearly failed to meet the requirements

– abuse of migrant workers including forcing them to work illegal hours in illegal conditions and withholding payments for months on end

– nurturing an environment of threats, abuse and intimidation of workers many of whom were refused recourse including claims of abuse made by migrant workers

The list of complaints was comprehensive and these represent just a few.

The failure of the Economic Crime Unit to act, the original whistleblowers believe, has allowed  more and more economic migrants to replace UK workers,  has led to cost overruns exceeding £100m, has potentially led to a financial disaster for many Scottish farmers, the continued abuse of migrant workers, and the failure of the SAF CAPs System as priorities moved from success to making money from the public purse.
It is anticipated that as the finger pointing continues as the project nears complete failure and cancellation, the Economic Crime Unit will have to shoulder responsibility for its part in allowing this to continue unchallenged and un-investigated.


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