Scottish Government leaking like a sieve as Senior Management jump ship from failing CAP System


It’s beginning to look like a bloodbath at the Scottish Government as the true scale of the disaster that is the CAP System starts to come to light and the £200m system starts to unravel before their eyes.

Rumours abound that senior managers are jumping, others are being pushed and top brass have started looking for people to blame.

Whilst a lot of what we hear is rumour, certain documents are coming to light to support many of the rumours.

But what’s fascinating is the blame game. Some of the documents that have come to light suggest that the Scottish Government does not intend to use the new £200m system at all to process farmers payments in December and instead plans to use  legacy Windows NT and Oracle systems that they already had!  Word is that they do not have confidence in the new system and even now, still cannot make it work.

At the same time there are reports of a war of words between Ministers, Politicians, the Scottish Government and the NFU as to who is responsible for the failure.

The truth of the matter is, everybody knew!

All the politicians knew, senior ministers knew, Audit Scotland knew, the Fraud Office knew, HMRC knew, the NFU knew and even the Migration Advisory Committee travelled to Scotland to meet workers from the failing project.

Nearly 20% of the workforce on the CAP project came forward and offered statements to the Economic Crime Unit, with some saying that they believed the project had been deliberately sabotaged by senior management so that they could make more money. The investigation by the ECU hasn’t really got off the starting line and they and others have relied on FOI requests which the Scottish Government has failed to respond to or delayed for as long as possible. 

So who is responsible?

Quite simply – everybody! Everybody knew and nobody did anything.

So when the system fails, when the farmers don’t get paid, when the Scottish Government loses its license to process EU monies and the Scottish People start to suffer the consequences – remember one thing: Everybody knew and nobody did anything!

Wilful blindness is not an excuse!


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