Government Minister admits they expect to recruit 1 million workers in the next 10 years… From India

If you were hoping for work for yourself or for your children in the future then think again.

A letter received by this site from a Government Minister has made it clear that, despite the massive Government IT failures of the last ten years, the Government intends to waste £billions of tax payers money paying for a further 1 million foreign workers to do a poor job for the next ten years when they could be training and using British workers to do a proper job.

The Scottish Government AFRC or CAPs Project is an example of what happens when you sack British workers and use the cheapest non EU foreign labour you can find…

The system fails, the farmers don’t get paid, but 300 migrant workers get their permanent residence in the UK

And next year the 300 migrant workers already on the CAPs Project will move on to another project failure somewhere else in the UK leaving the Government to bring in yet another  300 to replace them.

The Scottish Farmers need to start asking some serious questions before they start going bust whilst managers milk the migrant worker visa system …


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