In 2015 the number of UK jobs outsourced to India alone would have provided jobs for every man, woman and child in the whole of the Greater Manchester area.

In 2015, the Government spent so much money on IT companies who sacked and refused UK workers jobs, that they could have employed every man, woman and child in Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol combined.

In 2014/5, the Government borrowed £85bn and spent £100bn on failing IT projects.

In 2014/5, the Government raised £167bn in total from Income Tax.

This means, that the Government spent 70% of the money you paid in tax on IT projects that were outsourced to India.

In 2014/5 The Government paid benefits to 2.1million people more than it needed to because it could have employed UK workers instead of outsourcing Government IT projects to India.

So, not only did you pay 70% of your taxes to companies who gave UK jobs to India, but you then paid an additional 15% of your taxes in benefit for the UK workers they replaced and who lost or weren’t offered jobs.

So, next time you are complaining about the amount of tax you pay to the Government, remember that 70% of that money pays for workers in India to work on Government IT projects and remember that 15% of that money pays benefit for the 2.1m UK workers who are unemployed because that work was outsourced.



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