Skills Crisis a lie as Tier 2 Visa Abuse Linked to Graduate Unemployment

In years 1995/96 and 1996/97, the percentage of CS graduates unemployed 6 months after graduation was less than average, or rather, less than the percentage of students from all subject areas unemployed 6 months after graduation. Since then CS graduates have had a tough time finding work. Since 2000/01, CS has consistently, year-on-year, had the highest percentage of graduates unemployed 6 months after graduation

Since 2000/01, CS graduate unemployment has been nearly twice as high as for all graduates. In 2008/09, CS graduate unemployment peaked at 17.5%. In the latest figures available for 2012/13, it has fallen back to 13%, when the unemployment for all graduates is 6.2%.

The rise in the unemployment rate of CS graduates mirrors the rise in the use of the Indian IT sector by British businesses. The sharp rise in CS graduate unemployment in 2001/02 could perhaps be explained by the bursting of the bubble, but that does not explain why unemployment rates about CS graduates have remained at twice the rate of all graduates for another decade.



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