Complaints of Visa Abuse at Scottish Government Catalyses Whitehall

It’s a consequence that nobody could have possibly expected at the time, but what started in November 2014 with the firing of the first group of around 40 UK workers to make way for replacement staff on Tier 2 visas through an agency owned by the Delivery Director of a Scottish Government IT project has now made it’s way through the Scottish Government with questions raised in Holyrood, to Westminster with questions raised in both the House of Commons and the Cabinet and has now moved on to Whitehall who are looking to review the whole Tier 2 Visa process.

Amidst a furore from UK workers and rumours that the National Union of Students is now actively motivating students to rally public awareness of their plight as an unprecedented level of IT Graduates have been bypassed by Corporates and Government alike in favour of Tier 2 Migrant labour leaving them facing long term unemployment., Whitehall is finally taking steps to act.

Members of staff who were released from the Scottish Government SAF project are now to be met with delegates from the Home Office and the new Migration Advisory Committee to discuss what measures need to be put in place to stem the organised abuse of Tier 2 Visas.

UK workers are encouraged to report all evidence of Visa Abuse, complaints of corporate racism that discriminates against UK workers and corporate racial abuse of Tier 2 migrants who are abused by the managers who recruit them, and to report anything else that they believe is relevant for the newly formed Migration Advisory Committee who are now “Calling for Evidence”

More to follow…


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