SAF System Workers call for Public Inquiry

Despite the ongoing police investigation into the manner in which Tier 2 visas were issued to migrant workers on the project, and into the alleged conflict of interest had by the Delivery Director who it is claimed brought many of these migrant workers onto the project through an agency he personally owned and then had UK workers sacked; UK workers who claim they were terminated from the project for reporting issues and defects in the system have now called for a full public inquiry.

“It has become pretty obvious that not only is the system massively over budget, but it simply does not work” one former worker on the ill-fated SAF system claimed.

“Anybody who reported issues or did not toe the line being laid down by the Delivery Director was quickly removed from the project.  At the same time, the Delivery Director replaced large swathes of UK workers with more subservient Tier 2 migrants who would do exactly as they were told by him without raising issues with the system.  This in turn allowed the Delivery Director to hit payable milestones without delivering working code.”

As late as March 2015, the Scottish Government lost two people who had worked on and raised issues with the validation part of the SAF system.  They reported to senior Government officials that the validation framework did not work and that they had been directed to mark code as working when it clearly did not. Instead of being listened to, they were told their services were no longer required.

The consequences of these terminations are there for all the farmers to endure and the public to see.  According to recent press articles, the validation framework has failed and now farmers run the risk of massive financial penalties.

It is not surprising therefore that the workers who raised these issues are not only calling for a full, public inquiry but are offering to testify to what they saw and were forced to do, in many cases being replaced when they challenged their instructions.

In the meantime, the police investigation remains ongoing.


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