Farmers to blame for SAF System failure

So, there’s a big surprise coming and it’s this: The Scottish Farmers are responsible for the problems with the SAF System.

You see, the Farmers left their applications to the last minute.  They assumed that the system gave them correct information and they assumed that what the system told them was correct and true. Worse, they used the SAF System instead of submitting paper forms.

Now, the press is reporting that “With just days to go until the SAF (Single Application Form) deadline of 15 June, an email from the Scottish Government informed applicants that the full burden of responsibility on greening compliance lay with them and outlined the possibility of penalties if non-compliance was identified.”

Here’s the problem though.  It’s cost over £100m for the Scottish Government to even create a web site that can record a SAF – which after all is simply an online form – nothing more than a highschool project.

But, where the system is supposed to demonstrate it’s value is in validation and processing.

This email, issued at the 11th hour by the Scottish Government has already demonstrated that the validation is a total disaster.  Not surprising for anybody who has worked on the system apparently.

So, submitting the form nearly works.  Validation doesn’t work.  Processing? Don’t even go there.

Submit your applications on paper if you’re a farmer and you don’t want to be blamed personally for the SAF System failures.

If you’ve already done it online, do it again on paper and resubmit it.  Don’t let the Scottish Government blame you for their bad workmanship.


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