Fraud Investigation finds silver bullet to shoot down Tier 2 Visa abuse?

When it comes to Tier 2 visas, immigration, and Tier 2 migrants replacing UK workers there is a well known tangled web to be woven to follow the letter of the law whilst ignoring the intent of the law. This often thwarts regulators and investigators.

To this end, thousands of Tier 2 migrants are brought into the country every year with the blessing of the UK Government and the impotence of the Home Office to act despite the often obvious scams and sham companies involved.

Recent news that has reached us here at the Scottish SAF blog is that high level discussions have identified the silver bullets that could see these operations finally shot down.

Whilst until recently it was a genuine concern that the clever manipulation of Tier 2 visa regulations and guidance would protect the perpetrators from criminal proceedings; It is now believed that recent evidence and testimony provided to the ongoing fraud investigation may now pave the way for criminal prosecutions with possible seizure of directors’ assets and even jail sentences.  Furthermore, the findings could lead to similar actions throughout the whole IT sector.

We will have to sit back and wait for the investigations to run their course but look forward to hearing more developments.


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