Corporate Racists abusing Tier 2 Migrants

The UK Government needs to introduce legislation to stop Tier 2 migrants being racially discriminated against and treated by Corporations and Government Departments as a cheaper alternative to UK workers who generally work outside the conditions laid down by employment legislation .

When an organisation says “we can employ 3 of them for the same price as 1 UK worker” what they are really saying is “we are using migrant workers because we are being racist and paying them less than UK workers simply because they are migrants”

When a Government Department says “Tier 2 migrants are cheaper” what they are really saying is that they are “Subjecting Tier 2 migrants to racial discrimination by paying them less than their UK equivalents to do the same job”

Offering a salary of £45,000 for Tier 2 migrants is racial discrimination if the going rate for that role is £60,000 and if salary/rate of pay is an incentive for corporates and government departments to use Tier 2 migrants then they are being racist because they are admitting to paying migrant workers less than their UK equivalents

Legislation should ensure

  • Tier 2 migrants are paid the going rate for the job they are doing, and if they are brought in as contractors they should be paid the going contract rate instead of being paid less than their UK equivalents.
  • Tier 2 sponsors should ensure full compliance with employment and tax legislation and should be compelled, at their own cost, to arrange employment rights inspections and tax inspections wrt Tier 2 migrants
  • Tier 2 sponsors should face criminal sanctions with financial penalties and seizure of Directors Assets for failure to pay the going rate, failure to pay overtime and breaches of employment and tax legislation
  • Any person who fails to report Tier 2 migrant abuse should be treated in the same way as a person who fails to report a crime
  • Any Tier 2 sponsor who pays less than the going rate should be forced to make good the difference and should be fined 3 times the difference by central Government
  • All Tier 2 migrants should be given paid holidays, with return flights home paid for by the sponsor

These basic steps will be a short step towards stopping Tier 2 visas being used as a vehicle for corporate and Government racial abuse.

Any person who complains about Tier 2 Migrants being paid less than their equivalent UK workers engaged in the same manner is reporting a crime


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