Dom’s Diary – April 21st, 2015 – It’s all beginning to unravel

Feck me it’s getting a bit hot around here.

Little Napoleon’s been jumpy for a few weeks now.  Lots of questions being asked about the SAF system. Freedom of Information requests coming in from the media which Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber are trying to sit on until after the election. Lots of questions being asked about Spectromax and this project is turning into a right feckin disaster.

I’ve been shouting at my boys to get things working and fix the feckin system, but with no Muggles left to talk of, there’s nobody else to blame so me and my boys are firmly in the frame for this feck up now – didn’t see that coming.  Wouldn’t mind, but it doesn’t look like they can fix it.  The whole system has been bodged since we got rid of Pinnicky Parky back in December.

Perhaps we should have kept some of the Muggles after all – having said that, I did make a killing whilst the sun was shining and to be honest, I’m still coining in a fair chunk of money off the back of these muppets – not that they care, it’s all public money anyway.

Some of the permies are getting more and more pissed off. Little Napoleon’s already got one of them on permanent gardening leave and the others have been warned to shut up or the same will happen to them.  It’s worked a little, but how do we shut up feckin MSPs and MEPs who’ve got a hold on this mess now. We’ve been telling them it’s just disaffected contractors, but if we can’t get this feckin system fixed by June 15th it’s gonna be pretty damned obvious that we screwed up.

Might be time to transfer some of my assets to India and get ready to move on – leave this bunch of muppets to face the music on their own.


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