UK skills crisis as 500 highly skilled vacancies discovered in whole of UK

It is an unmitigated disaster of biblical proportions as the number of highly skilled vacancies in the UK breaks the 500 mark.

Indeed, throughout the whole of the UK there is now an unprecedented total of 504 Highly Skilled IT jobs being advertised across all sectors.  Fortunately, as we enter a new financial year, the Government and Business can bring in a new wave of over 20,000 Highly Skilled migrant workers to fill these 504 vacancies.

With requirements from all sectors from Banks to Government, and a total of 504 highly skilled vacancies in all, leading politicians admitted that having so many vacancies throughout the whole of the UK was a grave concern and meetings would be initiated with business leaders to discuss increasing the Tier 2 cap from 20,700 to 50,000 migrants per year to fill this massive demand.

“This is 500 jobs too many,” Nicola Sturgeon is reported to have said, “we need to open the floodgates and bring in more cheap labour on Tier 2 visas. In fact, we can use them all on Scottish Government projects.  We already have over 300 on one project alone so a few more will fit in perfectly.”

Meanwhile David Cameron noted that employment was up although most jobs were zero hour contracts and did not actually exist for real.

When asked about UK workers who could not get work, Nick Clegg told reporters, “Yes, I know that a lot of UK people would like to work for a living but it is inherently racist to want to have a job and pay for food for yourself and your family when there is an immigrant who could do your job instead.”

“We have a perfectly good benefit system and if we are not going to make it available to migrant workers, then we should give the migrants UK jobs and sack the UK workers because they ARE allowed to claim benefit.”

Ed Milliband agreed with Nicola Sturgeon.



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