Changing Legislation to Stop Tier 2 Visa Abuse

Immigration is one of the most important topics in the run-up to the General Election this year, but it remains a controversial topic.

Every year tens of thousand of UK Workers lose their jobs to Tier 2 Migrants.  One case in example is approximately two hundred UK Workers who were replaced with Tier 2 migrants on the Scottish Government SAF project. It is alleged that one of the senior management on the project who was in a position to influence who was sacked and who was not sacked also owned the agency that brought a large number of Tier 2 migrants onto the project.  This means that a manager on a Government project personally benefited from replacing UK Workers with Tier 2 Migrants.

Any changes in legislation need to make certain to hate the system and not hate the people.

Many migrants who come to work in the UK on Tier 2 visas are abused themselves.  They are treated as a subservient workforce who have no rights and who can be paid substantially less than the going rate and are forced to work illegal hours in appalling conditions.  If they complain they can have their sponsorship withdrawn and be sent home without pay and become unemployed back in their own country.

Legislation we would like to see introduced is to pay Migrant workers the “going rate” for the job that they are doing.  In the case of the Scottish SAF project, many Tier 2 Migrants are actually being paid approx 1/3 of the going rate.

A better solution therefore is to force the sponsors to update Migrant pay to match the going rate and back date it to the date of their inception.  This will address three problems:

  • it stops Migrant workers from being abused by their sponsors
  • it stops Migrant workers from being cheaper than UK workers
  • it will bankrupt some of the gang masters

Where people in a position of authority become involved in or turn a blind eye to the use of Tier 2 migrants as a subservient, abused, underpaid workforce then these people should be met with financial penalties and possibly jail depending on the seriousness of the situation.

This will stop Tier 2 Visa Abuse and stop the abuse of both UK and Migrant workers.


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