SAF Project to follow DEFRA as Online SAF / CAP Project is Cancelled?

It would appear that yet more UK workers are leaving the Scottish SAF Project and this time they are jumping before they are pushed.

But the question remains, are they jumping ahead of the axe or is the sun finally setting on the Online SAF / CAP Project?  Some believe that the axe is about to fall on the whole project after the disastrous releases that have seen considerable amounts of downtime as unskilled labour has been brought in to replace UK workers.

“Some SAFs have been entered”, one person reported, “but it appears that the numbers of completed SAFs entered are greatly exaggerated and support staff are unable to resolve the problems they are facing.”

Another person reported, “The writing is now on the wall for the whole project. People are finally beginning to see through the smoke and mirrors and there’s not much left once the smoke clears.”

Whilst the rumours are unconfirmed, Scottish Government are invited to comment.  Is it true that the project is being wound down and that all the staff are to be let go as the Government reverts to a paper only solution?


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