Nicola Sturgeon to Form Coalition with Spectromax


“Spectromax Politicians are cheaper than UK Politicians”

In a leaked memo, it has been reported that Nicola Sturgeon intends to form a coalition with Spectromax.

The memo quotes a high level SNP resource as saying “Spectromax Politicians are cheaper than UK Politicians, they work long hours, don’t stop for breaks, do as they’re told without question and don’t claim expenses.”


Spectromax Politicians would not claim expenses

The memo goes on to suggest that  this plan follows the wider Scottish Government success of bringing hundreds of immigrants into the UK through Spectromax to save money by displacing more expensive resident workers on the highly successful Scottish Government SAF project.

When asked for comment the National Farmers Union stated, “SAF has been a roaring success. One of our 22,000 members has nearly finished entering one. Our farmers love it.  The thought of using Spectromax politicians will obviously be great news for the Scottish people.”


One farmer has nearly entered a SAF

With the coalition formed, one resource has quoted Sturgeon as saying that she would intend to replace Gaelic with Tamil.


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