Dom’s Diary – February 3rd, 2015 – From Agile to Fragile

Well Plug’s sent out the new Resource Reduction email.

Gotta laugh really.  The Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dumbers just keep taking it.  I mean, we keep changing the team like a girl changing dresses for a first date and still they think it’s normal.

“It’s all part of being agile” I tell them and they buy it.  Like agile is some magic fecking’ word that will make any project succeed regardless of which morons are running it. More like feckin’ fragile, if you ask me – but as long as they keep paying me more and more for my Spectromax boys – I’ll keep telling ’em it’s agile and cheaper ha ha.

Anyway, so Plug has sent his email.  You missed one name off, Plug – your own you muppet.  Not to worry, you’ll find out soon enough.  From Project Director to Timesheet Approver in 2 months. That’s gotta be a phenomenol career progression ha ha.

So, 26 going – and all named.  Best bit is, some of them didn’t even find out until they read their name on the email. Wow! There’s some good people on that list.  If I was SG I’d be pretty upset to see some of those names going. But I’m not SG and they’re not Spectromax – so bye bye.  Already got your replacements in a hotel waiting for you sorry muppets to leave and them bam!  More money for me.

Love The Changes  section. As you will be aware,  Little Napoleon is fully responsible for all AFRC Futures IT Delivery.

Way to go. So when it finally goes belly up – No comeback on me or Spectromax.  Clever move there by Plug.  It means he’s in the clear as well – and so long as Little Napoleon doesn’t come back with a correction it’s all down to Little Napoleon and he’s SG.  So when we screw this up and SG sits there with a piece of crap that cost them £200m, SG has got nothing to come back at us with, nada, zip. Muppets!


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