Dom’s Diary – February 18th, 2015 – Contracts Offered through Spectromax

Loving life today. All the Muggles are wound up again.  There’s a whole load of them with contracts coming up for extension which is a great opportunity for me to offload a load of Muggles and bring in yet more Spectromax people – they’re already waiting.

Anyway, one of the Business Rules Developers got contacted by one of my pal agencies to see if he wanted to apply for his own role at, wait for it, less than half the rate he is already on and with no expenses to boot.  In fact, after he’s paid out expenses from his own pocket, he couldn’t even afford to work up here at that rate if he is going to feed his family – so guess what, he’s turned it down.

Apparently his face was a picture. He was really angry. Well, if you don’t want it, not a problem.  I’ll just tell UKBA I couldn’t find anyone and hey presto, another magic Tier 2 visa.

We’ve got a good little thing going now. I’ve got a few agencies that provide contractors to Spectromax and obviously we’ve got the whole Tier 2 visa thing going on as well.

There’s a few people been complaining now because only Spectromax people are being recruited, so Little Napoleon has arranged for adverts to be carried from a number of  employment agencies who are preferred suppliers to SG, but guess who’s going through the CVs they send in? – You guessed it Spectromax.

Oh, fancy that.  And would you believe it but nearly every CV that comes through from one of those agencies is not good enough.  Net result, nearly all the contractors who join the project are those that come from Spectromax. Cushty or what? 🙂

Have you ever noticed I never talk about the success of the project?!! Success is measured in money and I’m milking it baby! So yes, SAF is a roaring success ha ha


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