Dom’s Diary – December 29th, 2015 – Managing the Flow of Information

Flaming Delivery Managers keep talking to Feature Leads and pointing out problems.  Little Napoleon is furious.  We’ve got to keep Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber in the dark, otherwise we don’t get our interim payments for hitting delivery targets.

I’ve sent an email to Plug, Shoulder Tapper and Skippy to tell them that “We do not want any delivery managers talking to feature leads directly without the consent from build manager(Skippy)”

Teams co-operating is not what we need on this project.  I need to make certain my people are in control of all the information flow – otherwise the muppet SG Exec Team will get wind that everything is not ok.  Need to make hay whilst we can and then feck off once they finally realise it’s never gonna work.

One trouble causer has come back and said that Plug “has made it very clear he wants the Delivery Managers to have responsibility for the entire life-cycle, A&D through to build and test.  If so, they’re going to need to liaise with the Feature leads”


When will people learn – Plug does as he is told. He’s one of my boys now!

So, I’ve gone back to them “with immediate effect I do not want any delivery managers talking to feature leads without the consent from Build Manager or test Manager with their teams and I would like to understand the agenda and responsibilities of delivery managers as well, if you can get that sent across will be much appreciated”

That should put the frighteners up them.  Let them think I’m reviewing whether or not we actually need them and they’ll fall back in line. FFS.

Anyway, that should stop the rebellion.  This is my project now and I do not want anybody pointing out any problems with my management team.  Not until I’ve made my money anyway.


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