Dom’s Diary – February 15th, 2015 – Bye Bye BAs

Well, I think that’s the last of the BAs gone.  There’s a couple of SG BAs left but I can’t really do much about them.  Fair enough, Little Napoleon managed to get one SG Developer on permanent gardening leave for questioning the system but it might be a bit difficult with the SG BAs.

D Spur looked like the Mary Celeste for a while – only instead of dinner plates it was a couple of curries left over from the weekend.

Shrek was one of the last to go  – and his manager, can’t even remember his name – that’s how important he was ha ha. But I’ll miss Shrek stomping up and down the coridoor in search of his marbles.

The Spanish Inquisition has moved into D Spur now and a couple of the Muggles fecked off to Pentland House where they belong.  Get them out of the way.

The Polish Prat keeps asking to come back. No! Don’t want you!  Stay in Pentland with your Muggles and we’ll just try and forget you even exist.

Some Little Fat Bastard has told SG they should look into the solvency of Spectromax since we’re not paying our boys yet.  Little Napoleon knows I needed their money for my new house, and doesn’t really give a monkey’s about them so he’s just gone up the chain and told them they’ve got a disaffected contractor.  I like that.  Anybody who complains or raises an issue is a disaffected contractor – that keeps the Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dumbers at bay and we can keep making hay (look – another farming term for the SAF project.  I should charge an extra £1000 for that) whilst the sun shines.


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