Dom’s Diary – January 9th, 2015 – Still here then?

Well what a cracking Christmas and New Year.

At least I got a few days off to chill and spend my money, but I made certain that the underdogs worked it. Most of them are away from home anyway, so they may as well go in and get free pizza or curry from SG and surf and chat there instead of at home or in some pub in Edinburgh.

At least that way SG is paying them, and more importantly paying me! ūüôā

Wandered down the coridoor today in Saughton and had to laugh – the Muggles are greeting each other with “Still here then?”. ¬†Love it. ¬†They really are running scared. ¬†All I’ve got to do is stand in the coridoor with Shoulder Tapper and everyone in each spur within 20 yards has a panic attack and starts phoning their agency.

Plug seems a little preoccupied this week.  Think something is getting to him.  Might need to find out what that is.

Not certain what’s happening with the dev environment. ¬†It’s¬†about as reliable as a Tier 2 CV at the moment. Now I’ve got my guys in place though (at least some of them), I need them to actually start doing some work so I’m gonna have to go and shout at somebody¬†to get the dev environment sorted.

SIT Test, or should I say SIT Development (little joke there) is ongoing and gotta get something done with the timescales. ¬†I’ve told Skippy that I want names of everybody who can’t or won’t work weekends – they can just feck off somewhere else if they won’t work my hours ffs! I am God! Do my bidding!

Chuffin Spanish Inquisition has complained about me to HR. Gonna have to watch him. ¬†It might be a bit difficult to get rid of him now, but he’ll be definitely going when his contract runs out.


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