Dom’s Diary – April 1st, 2015 – Hug a Contractor Day

Well, it’s official Hug a Contractor Day is actually happening – not my idea!

Apparently Peter Pan’s been taking a sneak peek at my Diary and he’s decided to introduce Hug a Contractor Day for anybody that’s worried about their job or who has issues.  That’s for those of you that haven’t already been fired that is – and if it’s any of my boys that go hunting a hug, don’t go asking for more money, and don’t forget to deduct that time from your timesheet !!

If I recall correctly, Plug held Hug a Contractor sessions at the beginning of the year as well.  I’ll dig out my emails later and check it out. Ironic that those contractors who wanted a hug then have all gone now – so I hope they enjoyed their hugs when they got them. Such is life 🙂

So what will people talk about whilst having a hug?  They’d better not raise issues about the project – not after I’ve gone to so much trouble to get rid of anybody who tried to tell us it wouldn’t work the way we’re doing it – starting with Pinnicky Parky last year.  Actually, I think Peter Pan has already covered people who raise issues about the project – anybody who raises concerns about the project and the way we do things clearly wants the project to fail.  Nicely put. Testers remember that!

He’s right about one thing tho – one of the 7 investigations under way has come back with the all clear – at least that’s what they told me.  I think it was 7.  It may be more, may be less. It just goes to prove what I always say, if you’re gonna do the wrong thing then do it the right way ha ha – I told you UKBA were a bunch of muppets!

I hope this Hug a Contractor Day doesn’t mean that nobody else is getting terminated !  What about my master plan? I’ll have a chat with him later to make sure we’re still offloading the Muggles.


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