Thousands Visiting Scottish SAF Site

From the Site Management Team

Well the message is finally getting out there with thousands of people now visiting the Scottish SAF Site.  This is good news because we really need people to know just how much public money is being wasted, how Work Visas and the Visa process are being abused, how many UK staff are being terminated in favour of a workforce that financially benefits the Delivery Director and how badly let down the Scottish farmers are going to be in the coming months when this project breathes it’s last breath and gets cancelled.

We’d like to welcome the SG Senior Staff who have visited us and the Senior Management from the project who have been sharing information – thank you, we share your pain at what is going on there.  We’re processing all the information we have received and will act on it accordingly.  Some of it we will publish, but some will just be handed to the authorities for investigation – we’ve heard a rumour they’re finally getting off their arses 🙂

Likewise, we’d like to welcome the large number of Scottish Farmers and people from farming related industries who have also visited us and contacted us.

Last but not least, we have a few MSPs following us.  Welcome aboard.  Your following us give us renewed hope that somebody is going to get to grips with this project and do something about it.

Finally, please keep the information coming – it’s gold dust and these things need to be in the public domain


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