Scottish Government Discusses Issuing a Denial?

Well we’ve heard a couple of rumours from within the SG offices of the Gods.

They don’t like the pictures of the canteen.  Fair enough, and even though they haven’t asked us, we’ve taken those down.  Indeed, nobody likes their kitchen and dining room to be photographed before they’ve had the cleaners in and got it looking just like they want people to think it always looks. So job done.  Perhaps if SG would like to share some photos after they’ve had the cleaners in we can publish those to show what a spiffing place it really is.

The other rumour we’ve heard is that SG want to issue a denial of the “allegations” in the blog.  Now, this is only a rumour, but even so we go to great lengths to ensure the accuracy of the satirical comment we post, so we’re curious to know which “allegations” they wish to deny.  We would like to invite SG to inform us which posts they believe are inaccurate so that we can publish their denial or, if the posts are actually wildly inaccurate, we will even take them down.


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