Dom’s Diary – December 19th, 2014 – Shaker’s Awake

Well, it’s been an interesting week this week – and fun.

I’ve made another of my guys step up to the plate – Shaker I call him cos he always shakes when he’s talking to me and Skippy. He’s a nice guy really, but nice doesn’t cut it – you’ve gotta be ruthless if you’re gonna get anywhere in this life.

Anyway, Shaker is now heading up the Support Team whilst the Polish Prat can feck off to Pentland House and take a few Muggles with you.

There’s an old Tamil saying which is – If you do the wrong think the right way, you’ll be ok.  Learn those words Shaker and I want you to allocate work to my boys and leave the others hanging.  That way when Little Napoleon and his boss Peter Pan start asking who’s delivering and who isn’t – I can show them. My guys are delivering.

We’ve got a little rebellion going on with some of the Muggles (my new term for UK Developers – love it) .  Apparently Plug is on it and these guys will be out of the door pretty quickly – how dare they try and upset my master plan.

The Support Team for release 3.1 are all sitting together now – over Christmas it’s just been my lot and one Muggle  Gotta laugh – how the worm has turned now that anybody who questions visas is a racist – Thank you New Labour.

Obviously, the project language is now Tamil.  That’ll be the finishing touch for the Muggles and we’ve just left them on Gardening Leave whilst a few of my lot do the work and the others continue learning Java.


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