Dom’s Diary – December 15th, 2014 – Irish Jig

Had a little meeting with Plug today after he got rid of that Irish Jig from P-spur.

Shoulder Tapper no longer does the tapping.  We leave that to Plug now so that he can feel useful and powerful – otherwise the Project will see him for just the spare part that he is.

Anyway, he tells the Irish Jig that his work wasn’t good enough and Jig comes back with “which work?”.  As you can imagine poor old Plug didn’t know what to say – clueless idiot – cause he’d made that up.

So he goes back with “well actually you’re surplus to requirement” for which Irish thanks him for being honest and says he’s happy to be going.  Well good for you matey – cos I’m glad you’re going too.

Another Spectromax body will replace you – ooh, today!


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