Dom’s Diary – December 12th, 2014 – The Spectromax Invasion

Well another week has gone by and my takeover plans are well under way

Here’s what I’ve achieved so far – no wonder the contractors are all behaving like frightened rabbits – it reads like an invasion.  Even the SG management are on edge 🙂


November adverts placed for 130 staff to replace this lot
Friday 21st November around 25 rolled off
Monday 24th November around 30 of my own people brought in
Friday 28th November more contractors rolled off – you should have seem then scurrying around like drowning rats ha ha
Monday 1st December more of my own people brought in
Monday 1st December Plug sends out his rolling off rolling on email
Tuesday 2nd December more of my own people brought in
Wednesday 3rd December Not a good day, some interfering do-good managers from SG heard about my adverts so I’ve taken my name off them and changed the location to London – but they’ll be coming up here anyway
Thursday 4th December more of my own people brought in and I’ve now got arrangements for other agencies to supply staff to Spectromax so that I can get a cut of their business too 🙂
Monday 8th December Around another 30 of my guys brought in. Some of these new guys are getting a bit antse because they’ve found out other contractors are getting expenses. Tough. They can leave if they don’t like it – I’ll just bring more in


Wow by the Thursday some of the contractors actually looked quite ill.  They have no idea what to expect next and as you can imagine no work at all is getting done whilst this is going on – despite the countdown cards on the back of the doors to delivery date – with penalties if we don’t make it (even better).

This all works out fine for me, cos I can blame the total lack of work on the muppets I’m getting rid of and once we clear down the fake bugs we created, my lot will be the golden boys who saved the project.

Peter Pan will believe anything that Little Napoleon tells him – after all he brought Napoleon on board so he’s already demonstrated what a clown he is – so I just tell Napoleon what to whisper in his ear and he can disappear back to Neverland or wherever it is he left his marbles and leave us to get on with making money for ourselves.

Talking of money, time to go and count it 🙂


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