Why do Companies use Tier 2 Workers?

Every time UK workers complain about Tier 2 workers, they are accused of racial discrimination. But the question we really need to ask is why do companies use Tier 2 Workers?

Tier 2 workers

  • are paid less than UK workers
  • are willing to live in conditions UK workers are not allowed to live in
    (1 report of 11 sharing a 2 bedroom apartment)
  • do exactly as they are told without argument
  • work long hours without breaks
  • can be threatened and shouted at
  • do not know their employment rights
  • are often denied employment rights by the authorities even if they do complain
  • can be sent home if they ripple the waters
  • can be sacked when they get home if they ripple the waters
  • don’t ask difficult questions about the system they are working on
  • can be sold to shareholders as a stack-em-high sell-em-cheap solution
  • are ignored by the tax authorities
  • nobody cares if they get paid late or don’t get paid at all
  • are utterly disposable

Now ask yourself who are the racists?


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