Dom’s Diary – March 28th, 2015 – £5.4m

Diary of a Dominating Delivery Director

March 28th, 2015 – £5.4m


Well, a lot of time has passed since I got that first phone call from my old mate Little Napoleon last year telling me about this great cash cow of a project.  Cash cow, I like that, it seems fitting that a farming app should become a cash cow.

So here we are.  It’s 2015 and I’ve got upwards of 100 people on this project now through my own little agency.  Who’da thought I’d get such a brilliant opportunity and it’s all thanks to Little Napoleon.  After all, how could a contractor ever get himself into such a powerful position without help 🙂

I’m not gonna give away true figures but put it this way – a UK contractor currently gets circa £500 per day plus expenses – bearing in mind this is supposed to be highly specialised work.  So, now imagine  I offer SG replacement staff at £400 per day with NO expenses and based on 100 workers, they’re saving best part of £13,000 per day – or £2.7m per year based on 210 civil service working days in a year.

Now here’s the clever bit.  I bring in a load of foreign workers and force them to work weekends and that saving is wiped away cos they’ll be working 360 days per year (I’ll let them take Christmas and New Year off, perhaps).  So actually that £2.7m saving actually becomes an additional £4m cost as they pay for 360 days for 100 staff at £400 per day instead of 210 days for 100 staff at £500 per day.

Then, the bit that I like – my agency cut.  Now, let’s not forget that these aren’t real figures cos there’s no way I’m sharing those – but if I get these poor saps to work for £250 per day, but I charge them at £400 per day – then I get £150 per day per contractor for myself – I mean my agency.

And in one year that adds up to the princely sum of 360 days * 100 contractors * £150 markup which gives me a whopping £5.4million.

Obviously, those aren’t real figures – but you can see why I’m happy!

Thank you very much Little Napoleon.



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