Dom’s Diary – November 28th, 2014 – The Beginning…

What a great day.  My master plan to take over the whole CRAP SAF project has finally started in earnest.

Plug just sent out an email to the whole project today to let everybody know that he rolled off around 25 release 3.1 resources and that he boarded an additional 30 workers to strengthen the team.  Muppet.  As if he’s got the power to do that.  Doesn’t he know he’s just the fall guy.

I got a bit worried when that idiot Shoulder Tapper sent out the approved overtime list – especially since it includes all my new Spectromax people but you know what – nobody that matters said a thing.  OK, so a couple of SG middle managers asked questions and the contractors are in turmoil; but Little Napoleon soon silenced the SG managers and as for the contractors – let them sweat, they’ve got no rights whatsoever and if they say anything, they can go in the next wave of Spectromax interns ha ha.

Need to work out how I’m gonna make my guys look good.  I’ve managed to get a couple of saps into management positions who will do exactly as they’re told so that’s part of the problem solved. All I need to do now is exaggerate the number of bugs in the system – blame the bugs on the people that Plug rolled off – and then clear them all down within a week of my new guys coming in.

Sure, some people may notice that most of my guys haven’t even got PCs yet – but again nobody that matters.

Well – here we go.  Off we go at last.  Time to go and count my money 🙂


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